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Boiling to the Surface

You might find anything here┬áthat is “boiling to the surface” of my brain.

There are (or will be) posts about food, recipes, travel, rants, observations, thoughts, investments, my favorite products, Honey (our toy poodle), education (I am a teacher), crafts, and how~to projects. Sometimes, I even combine these things, like traveling with Honey. This blog is intended as a creative outlet.


If a problem or issue boils to the surface, it emerges at a particular time and needs to be discussed or resolved.

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  1. Hi JuneBug, hope you are still enjoying life. Don’t see you around much anymore since I became a victim of that thing they call Twitter. Facebook is still doing it’s dance a bit. I’ve lost track of how many billions they have under the hood now from their various apps. Probable some more bumps to come along but it’s been a good investment for me. Hope you stocks are doing well for you too.

    Moni seems to be settling down a little, and I still have some stock. Looks like they are down to the move it or lose it phase pretty soon. At least by next September result report if nothing big happens before that.

    Got another song for you, you know I like music. No cowboys this time.


    Be good, if you can’t be good have fun!

    • Hey! Sorry, I got really busy as I decided to retire from teaching! The paperwork – OMG!

      Yes, I’m still holding the stock. I’m sad that this company seems to have been too early with their technology and didn’t secure it well. It has been the poorest execution of some of the best banking technology I have ever seen. The only chance I think they had was moving to Silicon Valley – and they chose to stay London based.

      Thanks for the music. Hope you are doing well.
      Maybe I’ll stop by the LSE board in the near future.

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