My Favorite Classroom P.E. Video

Perfect P.E. Video for the Classroom


Winter is coming soon, and teachers may be looking for indoor P.E. activities. I tested several videos. My 2nd grade class was unanimous in their voting. This one was their favorite.


The routines are fun, yet simple, dance routines done in a standing position. They are presented in a classroom environment, by an energetic teacher and several students. You can select from 6 workouts. 4 of the workouts last 5 minutes and 2 of the workouts last 10 minutes. You can select “play all” for a total of 30 minutes of workout. In between each routine, is a brief break, less than a minute, in which healthy tips are provided – such as drinking water and selecting nutritious snacks.

Every morning, as a break from our academic routine, we stand up, push in our chairs, and get moving! No need for mats, or special equipment – students just need a little space by their desks to be able to move around a bit.

I’d say this would work best for 1st – 4th grade. Perhaps a bit younger, or a bit older depending upon the students.

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