Bistro Door or Wall Hook Plaque Project

Many people find that no matter how big their kitchen is, it is never big enough. Well, unless you live in a mansion, and let’s face it, that is not most of us. That  often leaves us without enough space for all those tools and kitchen gadgets we just don’t want to live without. Not to mention, some of those items are cute enough to be on display.


Since I redesigned our kitchen to a French cafe/ bistro style, I have found a simple solution. If you go into a French cafe, you often find many things hanging on the walls and cabinets. Some are decorative, but in the kitchen area many are useful and often used items. I decided to put this plan of action in place in our kitchen. I have things hanging on walls, on light fixtures, and the cabinets. Some things are too pretty or too awkward for a drawer. This plan fits those items perfectly.

I realized the other day, that I had totally left out the pantry door like a red-headed step child. Note: my apologies to all red-heads and step children everywhere. If you are a red headed step child – double apologies.

Hmmmm….what to do about the pantry door?

Yes, you could just find a couple of cup screw hooks and plant them like I did on the cabinets and light fixture turned pot rack, but where is the fun in that?

My poor pantry door had been neglected too long, it needed more love than that!

Step 1. Find, make, or steal (just don’t call me when you get caught, I’m not a lawyer) a sign that matches your style or decor. It needs to be something you can drill into, so NO glass or other material that will shatter when you start drilling. You can often find the perfect thing at a Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Big Lots or even a dollar store. If you choose the green lifestyle, check out yard sales, thrift stores, or your own garage. etc. More talented people could find an old board and paint it – that would not be me.


Step 2. Find some robe hooks that you think will look good on your sign and screw them on. I chose the double hanger “drunk octopus” looking ones. Amazon has them in almost a dozen different colors.


Step 3. Hang your sign on the door- I used bolted screws because my pantry door is hollow and I wanted this sign to stay put.

Step 4. Hang stuff. I chose my French aprons for the door, but on my cabinets I have trivets, utensils, cutting boards, potholders, spoon rests, colanders, etc.


Useful and Cute!

This project would also work great on bedroom and bathroom doors. Think robes and towels for the bathroom, or the next day’s outfit, sweaters, and scarves for the bedroom.


Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and you can ask him for one. You can even find these in a store, but they won’t be specifically designed for you, and again –  where is the fun in that?

Mod Podge Magic


Lamp Shades to Match your décor

I really needed some Paris script square lampshades for some square lamps –  ok, need is a bit strong – maybe really really really really really wanted. Can you believe no one sells them? So, I made my own!

I took a picture of my Paris script stools.  I fit the print to regular sized computer paper and printed one page for each side. Add Mod Podge and Voila! I planned to add black lace around the edges, but I think I have decided that I like the raw/rough look better

More detailed directions for using Mod Podge are under the post: Lazy Susan

All of these projects used the same kind of Mod Podge, brushed on with a foam brush, and regular computer paper.

The projects below used old pictures (from like the 80s) that no longer matched our décor. I added some family pics that were printed off the computer and some old leftover curtain rod hooks.


New key rack for the door by the garage and except for a lil mod podge, some paper, and some ink ~ it was free. I love free 🙂 Same idea for the No Soliciting sign..