“Not Another IKEA Hack” Sofa Table

But just as good, and probably cheaper!



And definitely more practical. In case, you haven’t noticed – Sofa tables are EXPENSIVE! Even the cheap black laminate one at IKEA (which is 3 pieces of laminated particle board) is SIXTY American dollars!  Yeah, no. Not doing that. I surfed the web for images to get ideas and made a small idea board. I liked the idea of a sofa table doubling as built in TV trays


 I started with 2 black Mainstay 3 shelf bookshelves that I already had, but they are cheap enough to buy new at Walmarts. They usually run about $13 -15 a piece, meaning if you use 2 as I did – your sofa table will cost about $30. Not to be stating the obvious, but I will, to keep someone from emailing me –  If you want a longer table – use more. The bookshelf has a height of about 31″ or about the same height of a normal dining room table and are perfect for the backs of most sofas. There are certain perks if you buy them new – it’s easier, cam screws are a pain to undo.

Options: If you want more of an open sofa table look, you can leave off the black cardboard and use one or more shelves to stabilize the piece. Use the shelf hooks to place shelves horizontally. Or use the extra screws to place a shelf vertically – either at the top or bottom of the piece.


To get the look I went with:

Step 1. Put the top of the shelf and the sides together, but leave off the bottom shelf and kick board.

Step 2. Put the cardboard back on with the nails provided, using one of the shelves to make sure your project is square.


Step 3. Use one of the shelves to stabilize the bottom – you can screw it on for stability if you want. I didn’t because mine fit really tight and will be up against the sofa back.


I used some rolling Paris script stools I already had, but you can use any stools that are chair height, or even kitchen chairs.


Honey had to inspect and approve of my handywork.



2 thoughts on ““Not Another IKEA Hack” Sofa Table

  1. Super cute and easy idea! Love those stools too! Looks like Honey approves 😉

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