Don’t Let My Food Touch!

Divided Plates Rock

Some people, like my mom, love to mix up every food item on their plate.

Other people, like my sister and I, hate when that happens.

I used to buy those sectional styrofoam paper plates for the holidays and use them year round, but that wasn’t very “green” and it got rather pricey for daily use. Plus, who wants to eat breakfast, steak, or pasta on a styrofoam plate?

Then, I found these!


It is Corelle, made in the USA, by Corning.

They come in 2 sizes, 8 and 10 inches.

The 8 inch size really is a child sized plate.

The 10 inch size is about the size of a regular dinner plate.

Great for kids, picky eaters, and portion control.

Livingware 10.25″ Divided Dish [Set of 6]

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