Honey’s Favorite Food


Honey with Daisy

anxiously waiting for their fresh dinner meal


Basic Recipe

1/2 cup cooked brown rice

1 cup minced carrots

12-14 ounces chopped chicken breasts

3 pieces of chopped crisp bacon

3 scrambled or 3 chopped hard boiled eggs



Put on rice to cook

I use 1/2 of this brown rice recipe

Cook eggs

Combine chicken, bacon, eggs, and  carrots in a food processor

and pulse until it looks like chicken salad

Fluff the cooked  rice and stir the “chicken salad mix”  into the rice pot


This recipe makes about 4 cups (32 oz) of food.

I divide the food into 4 oz containers with lids.


Note: This is fresh food and must be kept in the refrigerator until meal time!

Favorite time saver:

Sam’s Club sells a 5 pack of 13 oz completely cooked, all natural canned chicken breasts for about $10

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