She Just Wanted Brownies from Amsterdam

I had a recent private email transaction about one of my trip report/travel posts on Amsterdam


Went something like this, ok , exactly like this

Once in a while, this blog provides me more entertainment than I bargained for…. I really wish this conversation had taken place via the comment section instead of private emails, but it started via my personal email – so I kept it there – until now. It is too funny not to share. No names, no judgement – but I found this highly entertaining.
E: luv ur blog. amsterdam trip report. can u tell me more. need privat 411 4 surprize
Me: Sure, what do you want to know?
E: where u live?
Me: CA. This may work better if you make a list of questions.
E: k live in cali 2. me my bbf bf r doin a road trip and we want 2 drive. How longs it take? r the brownies expenzive?
Me: May I ask how old you are? You do know Amsterdam is in Europe right?
E: 22. we no. like in canada and u take a train we want to drive n take a ferry. u said in ur blog u took a ferry
Me: No, Europe is across the ocean – you can’t drive there. We did take the ferry from London to Amsterdam – but we flew to London first.
E: wtf? u jus dont want to help me by brownies u judgy b**** ur write sucks. i am writeing bad stuff in ur comments 4 dayz
Note: I moderate all comments so none of hers were posted – mostly due to language and illiteracy. I did not want her comments to offend anyone nor did I want her confusion to confuse anyone else reading the post.
E: ur comments r f****** nun show
Me: I moderate them, you want to be seen? Be nice, ask questions, add to the conversations, control your language
E: u cant do that free speech im reporting u
Me: I own the blog, I can do anything I want.
E: i hate u u suck
Me: Sorry I lied. You can drive there. Drive to New York, go north to Canada. Ask someone where the closest coffee shop is located. Buy some brownies. Enjoy your trip. Let me know how it goes
E: ty ur kewl
End of conversation.
Spring Break 2012 078

2 thoughts on “She Just Wanted Brownies from Amsterdam

    • Not since thanking me 🙂 she was emailing and commenting at the sister blog to this site. Even if I had posted her comments – they would have made no sense over there.

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