A Teacher’s Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I haven’t written in a while because to be honest, I haven’t really needed or wanted anything. This year, I have a special request and I know it is a tall order. I would like you to pick up every politician in America on Christmas Eve at midnight, awake or not, sober or not. I would like you to escort them immediately to the North Pole and make them take the 6th grade Common Core Math and Language Arts tests – cold. I mean that’s fair, right? It is only a test for 6th graders, right? Then, I want the scores to be posted publicly, everywhere. To avoid embarrassment, anyone not passing with at least a 70%, whether there are flaws in the test or the answer key or not, could avoid having their scores posted, but they would have to agree never to enter politics again and to give up their current position to a teacher or a random person making a living at the poverty level.

Then, I want you to pick up every person that works in the business of making big money on high stakes testing of young students and force them to teach for one year in an inner city or poverty stricken school. I want them to do it on the same budget, within the same constraints, and with the same resources teachers currently have. Their students must pass teacher made tests, that will be similar to the tests that they themselves have written, or they lose their jobs, forever, and must all go work for minimum wage as Wal-Mart greeters until retirement. Not that there is anything wrong with being a Wal-Mart greeter mind you, I just want them to see and feel how many real people live.

I know this is a big order, but it isn’t for me. You see, I am just so tired of seeing my colleagues and students that are working as hard as they can – being constantly and consistently judged by uneven scales and consistently set up for failure.

Thank you,

2 thoughts on “A Teacher’s Letter to Santa

  1. Always interesting to read you. Can’t help from adding to your Santa letter with a few other requests. I certainly agree with with you that it is students who are suffering in some areas, and the teachers depending on where they are teaching. Funny how some kids excell despite it all and others need help.

    IMO opinion it is the system, that feeds off the political process and visa-versa
    that is causing more problems than anything. The world will never be a perfect place but we can always hope and work for one that is better than before. I hope you read my comments knowing i have that thought in mind.

    Allow me to add several Santa requests by example from experience.
    One – Santa, my daughter was a straight A student in grade school and a very motivated child to do here best. She graduated from a large high school 8th in her class with only only one B and all of the rest A’s. The other 7 students above her were straight A’s.
    When she was in the second grade(a very impressionable age) she had to be dropped of at school about 15 minutes before open time. My wife had and early appointment and I was working. This was not a normal occurance for us and not the childs fault. The teacher let her in, before my wife would leave. We latter learned from my daughter that the teacher rather than telling her to take her seat while she prepared for class, told her to take her seat with her head down on the table because she was not supposed to be early.

    Santa, would you please flush any teacher that approaches their
    responsibilities like this and not let the system place them in a room at full pay for whatever duration. There are to many other good people out there that should be teaching.

    Two – Santa, if the law prevents or has penalties for the age of children working, will you also make a law that keeps them off the picket lines until and age they might know what they are doing and why.

    Three – Santa, will you please make the wages and benefits equal for all people that are working hard, as many do, and are trying to get ahead and provide for themselves and their family.

    My wife has been working for the same company for over 30 years and has been rewarded with a good salary but little vacation time, and no retirement benefits at all. She is free to ask for more and go on strike if she doesn’t get them. Alas, there are others that would like the job, so she would be fired it she took that action. Maybe you can help Santa, she has no one but herself to fight for her.

    I realize this is a tall order, and if you have any faith in God or Jesus you will know Jesus tried to solve some of these problems of the world. If they can’t do it good luck to you Santa. Maybe you can work on the people that run the system to make it better. We know those out for just the money or to preserve their little empire while they are here, are not the answer. For the children without parents who take an interest in them to get off to a good start, please put someone in their path to help them.

    Thanks Santa, until you get a handle on everything I know it’s best to enjoy the wonderful things you have provide me with already. I am very fortunate.

    You know me Junebug, I’ve always been crazy but it keeps me from going insane. :)) Send me your email, i’ll send you a pic or two, if you want them:))

    • Somehow my spam filter went into overdrive and I had to go find some posts. My regular email is mzjuniebug@aol.com

      I know there are good teachers and bad teachers out there, because they are just human like everyone else and humans are all different. Sorry that your daughter’s teacher couldn’t find a better way for her to make use of her time

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