Bye Bye RV Jack Knife Sofabed

Hello Pretty New RV Sofa Option


Bye Bye Jack Knife Sofabed

aka as the bane of RV sleeping


It was easily removed with a screwdriver and a wrench.


I kept the hardware that secured it to the wall and floor and sold the sofa bed on Craigslist for $60. I put it up for $100 obo, but truthfully, I really just wanted someone to just take it away. If the guy had offered $20 – I would have taken it. I almost wanted to give him money to take it away!

Now What?

Things to consider:

1. Fit – new choice must fit through the door and allow for the current walk space.

2. Cost – budget was $300 at most, less if possible

3. Seat Belts – wanted to still be able to use them

4. Seating – still wanted a sofa there

5. Bedding – still wanted a bedding option there

6. Comfort – not top of list, but definitely a concern. Basically anything more comfortable than a board with springs and an inch of padding would be an improvement.


Step 1

Since the old frame basically had to go with the old sofa, (fit and material) I decided to start with a basic frame using the bolting hardware from the old sofa and some precut 2x4s from Home Depot. I used L brackets to brace corners for more security. Spent $10.

27 inches deep X 2

67 inches long X 2

I made this frame low because I originally planned on a higher seating option, but I didn’t build up frame when I changed my mind, because I’m 5 feet tall, and it was a nice height for me. It would be perfect for young kids.

Note: If you are worried about a loss of storage space, or how low this sits,  you could combine this idea with my window seat project using prefab cabinets.

Window Seat

Step 2

Decide what to put across frame to support your new sofa. I had some leftover $2 IKEA cabinet doors from a recent project. (4x$2=$8)  I used them because they were already the perfect size, but getting something cut to size at Home Depot wouldn’t be any more expensive. I left spaces to pull the seatbelts through. I actually had to unscrew and replace the boards when I realized I forgot to pull all the seatbelt pieces through at the right areas. This is the before photo, I forgot to take an after photo.


Step 3

Figure out what you are going to put there. I originally chose 3 armless club chairs, but when I put them side by side – they were not comfortable enough, especially if I tried to stretch out – so – back they went.  I remembered my youth and how we had flip chair beds for our family room. It was a true lightbulb moment. I searched the Internet and found what looked to be a perfect solution. I needed 2. This photo is my dear Honey reminding me that her car seat normally sat right here on the old sofa.


 Step 4

Secure both flip chairs with seatbelts and/or bungee cords. I used both. I used U clamps screwed right into holes where the Sofabed had been attached with L brackets. Everyone knows that putting new screws in your RV is not a good idea, if it can be helped.


Step 5 ~ ENJOY!



I stayed way under budget. Subtracting the $60 for the old sofa, the total was about $100

These are indeed an improvement in comfort over the old sofa, but I plan to carry some extra cushion (maybe memory foam?) to go on top – for the bedding option. They won’t last as long as the old sofa, but they are cheap enough to replace if/when needed.

I wanted a center console, but I also wanted to be able to stretch out. Solution, I left a space at the end of the frame to build in a console. Or I might just put small lunch bags and dollar store tote caddies there. Whatever path I choose, it either has to be flat or something easily removed as to not hinder the bedding option. This also allows easier entrance via the coach door when loading up


The chair beds I chose allow for one to flip open on the sofa frame and the other to open up and go up in the cabover area for another bed. 2 of these can fit in the cabover over area and I may even buy 2 more for that area. They can also be removed and taken outside if that is your thing as the backs ratchet like a lawn chair and don’t need to be against a wall.

Amazon carries these Your Zone flip chair beds, in many different colors, and I was able to get a bundle – 2 for $150 on a Prime Special, so keep your eyes out if you go this route

WARNING: The plastic feet on the backs and bottoms of the particular flip chairs I chose were cheap, bent, and awful. Had they been rubber – they could gave been helpful, but they weren’t. They scratched everything they came into contact with and made the sofas slide around. Simple fix – unscrew them and throw them away! If the open screw holes bother you – I suggest some cheap furniture feet – cork or pads from a dollar store.

Your Zone Flip Chair


Flip Chair Convertible Sleeper Dorm Bed Couch Lounger Sofa, Gray

Whether your kids are studying, hanging out with friends, or lounging around, this flip chair is the perfect addition to any room. It is flexible enough to suit the activities of your children with its three convertible positions. It can unfold into a bed with one part remaining folded to serve as a pillow for guests. It can completely fold up into a comfortable chair, and can serve as a reclining lounge chair. The space-saving conversions can be easily made in no time. This kid’s flip chair is made of a plush ultra-suede material for added comfort. It is not only multi-functional but also trendy and will add to the ambience of any room. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns. There is no assembly required.
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