My “NEW” Farmhouse Style Table

My “NEW” Table

Some people look at Craigslist ads and Yard Sales and see JUNK!

I see items with good lines and think – if someone just showed that piece a little love….

When I saw this piece for $75…


I envisioned it looking something like this ~ only with much less work and $$$


I love two tone farmhouse tables, but the ones I saw in stores that had any character were over $2000!!!

The table above was actually built by another blogger. I love it, but when I priced the pieces I’d need, it was getting into the $300-400 range

Since my only child is grown, and my husband often works out of town on weekends – I often have the whole house to myself. So I put the table in its new home in the kitchen, put down a drop cloth, and went to work. First, I washed down the whole table and painted the apron white. I used Behr Ultra Pure White Premium Plus Interior/Exterior Hi Gloss Enamel paint. I’d like to pretend I put a lot of thought into this, but I didnt. It just happened to be in the garage from where I had painted the upper kitchen cabinets almost 2 years ago. It has a glossy glassy like finish and it had held up well on the cabinets getting daily use. As the paint was drying, I pulled a dry brush along the apron to skim off some paint for the shabby chic look, and to make the beautiful rope trim really pop. Then I put in the leaf, to make sure it got painted to match. Then, the legs.


The weekend was over and I had to put it all back together for a bit. Husband loved the table –  those chairs – not so much, so they didn’t get to stay. We used the table all week. It actually worked much better with the window seat than I thought it would.


When the following weekend rolled around, my General Finishes gel stain had arrived from Amazon. Add some rubber gloves and some socks for wiping the stain on and we were good to go.

The 1st coat


The 2nd coatimage

The 3rd coat


It is hard to distinguish between the 2nd and 3rd coats in pictures  – it looks much richer in person. Tip: use coffee filters between coats to wipe down table – cheap, no lint


The polyurethane finish I used to protect the top of the table was Ace hardware brand


That white round was salvaged from a broken little pedestal table. It has a future as an awesome Lazy Susan.


Kitchen is back together, table leaf is stored away – and I’m loving it! By the way, my new favorite product is General Finishes gel stain ~ love it! Below is a link to the gel stain I used.

image image imageimage


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